Chastity Programs

I have 3 tiers of chastity options, which can be done on a weekly basis or purchased as a full month’s package. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, there’s also the option of extending your chastity training indefinitely for many weeks or months to come. You can also mix tiers. For example, starting on tier 1 the first week and upgrading to tier 3 training the next. Bundled packages cannot be mixed unless you decide to upgrade tiers at some point.

Also, if those on a monthly package need to take a week off for whatever reason, I allow the option of pausing the package and resuming whenever you’re ready. 

However, with My busy schedule and frequent touring, I only have time to take on a maximum of 10 chastity slaves at any given time. So this is a very exclusive and limited program. 


Tier 1 🔐 Weekly voice recording assignment. You can document your progress through out the week, which may include journaling and/or photos. Then submit to me once at the end of the week. $100 tribute by the week or a 4 week monthly package bundled for $350. 

Tier 2 🔐 Weekly voice recording assignment and a 30 min phone session.  You can document your progress through out the week, which can include journal entries and/or photos. Then submit to me twice during the week. $250 tribute by the week or 4 week monthly package $850. 

Tier 3 🔐 Weekly voice recording assignment, a 30 min phone session and video recording instructions tailored exclusively for you. You can document your progress through out the week, which can include journal entries and/or photos. Then submit to me twice during the week.$500 tribute a week or 4 week monthly package $1700. 

Note: Receiving content for your packages and phone sessions will be done around my schedule within the week span that you aren due to receive them.  If I feel a sub is being pushy, not respecting my time, or not overstepping the allocated amount of contact for their training, (after a gentle warning), our arrangement will be terminated.


There’s not a one size fits all in terms of chastity devices. If you dont already have a suitable chastity device, you’ll need to select one tailored to your individual size and needs. You know your anatomy better than anyone, so this is something I cannot choose for you. Below are links to a plethora of chastity pieces. 

Keep in mind that for long term wear, plastic will be more comfortable, practical and easier to clean than metal. Though many love the weight, sensation and predicament of metal cages- so have at it.


I understand not everyone’s personal life is conducive to 24/7

confinement. If you’re in a relationship or have other obstacles which prevent you from wearing a device full time, I still think you can experience and benefit from a modified chastity regimen. For example, we could agree on a set schedule for your chastity training while you’re at work, etc which won’t compromise your home life.

If youre unable to acquire a proper device for whatever reason, you can tie a rope harness for short periods of time. Understand, this is not at all ideal and can only be worn for short periods through out the day. However if you’re truly desperate for experiencing some form of chastity with liimited options, this could suffice for a beginner’s introduction.


I cannot be responsible for baby sitting your keys and sending them back. I have way too much going on to undertake that. My D/s relationships are based on trust and respect. Im only interested in subs who are truly devoted and honor their word; not being “forced” to obey. Ive had many in the past who’ve even abstained from release for months, purely by psychological control, sans device.

However, I do find it symbolic and powerful to keep your keys locked in a safe or lockbox away from easy daily access. I often like to create a ritual of having you kneel before it to initiate your release.


If you’ve already served Me, this can be arranged by which ever payment method we’re accustomed to using. Always consult with Me first before sending and remember to be discreet in the notes as I instruct.

If you’re contacting through Niteflirt or Sextpanther, please honor their TOS and make the payment through the site’s tribute option. For Niteflirt you will need to add their 30% commission to the total and 20% for Sextpanther.